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Closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy

Closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy
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If you can see this, your browser does not understand Iframes. To see content : link DiamondDog May 10,AM I don't agree with his opinion that he was "always heterosexual" or his religion.

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Last week, he and his wife relocated to Florida so he could enroll in a seminary. Does he hope to be Reverend Dave closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy day? But clloseted if he makes it to the pulpit and someone turns on a DVD player showing Tom Katt in all his former glory? I am not ashamed. I believe that sex is the strongest physical expression of love to another person.

But porn is not an expression of love. He gave us these things for a reason. His message As Tom Katt, he participated in many gay pride celebrations.

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And when you have a pride parade, you have Christian fundamentalists preaching against gays. And that might be the battlefield where he launches his crusade. He made you the way you are.

All he wants is for you is to turn to him and to love him the same way he loves you. Thank you for posting it. Amanda Dr. StrangeLove May 10,AM Really interesting, I guess without knowing much I'd buy that he's straight, but then we're getting into what makes you straight vs gay vs bi terratory Closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy one has budddy of sex with men, even if its just for money, doesn't that make him bi I just think this is another example of clkseted these labels are stupid It's not that those guys are REALLY heterosexual there's a concept in gay porn called 'gay for pay' where supposed "straight" men have gay sex.

LOL It's all based homoflexble this sad fantasy that many gay and bi men have about getting that hot "straight" guy, or that ALL men want sex with another guy but they just don't know it or they're in denial. What they really want is temale who's ultra masculine, almost a neanderthal. Someone who'll cock slap them and call them a 'fag' after they've gotten off. I like the guys to be into it, that gay for pay stuff is just closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy seeming.

I'm really into male male intimacy though, so I don't really like any porn where the actors don't seem into it.

I mean i've seeos seen his videos, but it sounds like he was a pretty big star, like a real gay porn star. And as a gay porn star he had boyfriends. I mean at what point do you lose the ability to really identify as straight anymore I mean he's probably had more gay sex than a lot of us closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy ever experience I mean if I were straight I lcoseted think I'd want to accept him back onto the team It would tarnish everything straightness stands for I mean what would his motivation be for trying to go back into the closet?

I mean it seems like kind of a hassle once you've already come out.

In any case I appreciate the message closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy trying to get out about christianity closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy homosexuality I, too, appreciate what he's trying to do as far as the Bible and "anything other than straight" too It's all just an illusion that they're hetero. Sure, some of the guys who do ONLY solo scenes or beefcake could be hetero but the guys doing gay sex scenes with other men aren't hetero.

For some guys, I do think they can separate having gay sex from actually being gay or bi, and that's where the denial sets in and why lots of these men who identify as "straight" but do gay porn have issues like Mr. Tom Katt. I'm just glad I don't have to play that little game in my own head. They're playing into the homophobic fantasies I mentioned in my other post, the idea of that hot hetero guy you always wanted but know you can't ever have.

Those men are gay and bisexual but just billed and advertised as being heterosexual.

This isn't a new thing either I've read gay porn magazines from the s where they talk about "gay" for pay actors who are "straight". Think about it Flex-some bisexuals do go back into the closet. I have male friends who are bi but tell everyone that they're "gay". Things get really confusing when they mention how beautiful women are or closeyed how a woman has a nice ass or talk about closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy type of women. StrangeLove May 10,PM For some guys, I do think they can separate having gay sex from actually being gay or bi, and that's where the denial sets in and why lots of these men who identify as "straight" femwle do gay porn have issues like Zeeks.

For real, me too. Life's easier when you stop thinking that hard about labels and identity.

Hear ye! hear ye!#

Cha become just as bad as gay people or straights who say we're in denial. If it turns out he's bi and lying to himself, that's for HIM to figure out. Sure some hetero guys do actually try cht with men but it's usually not done as adults and it's something that they'll try once and say well that wasn't for me. Hetero guys certainly don't become male prostitutes, gay porn stars, and make an closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy career out of having sex with men. Anyone who says they're "gay for pay" is usually a homosexual or bisexual in denial.

Especially if they can get hard and get off on their own accord in the midst of sucking, fucking, or getting fucked by a guy. No straight man gets off by being fucked by a guy, sucking another guy, fucking a guy, or being blown by another guy. That's Bi at the very least. It's like "gay" for pay porn stars think it's more acceptable to be 'gay for pay' and claim they're straight.

I think he's full of it. He made the choice to be in gay porn, use drugs, be a male closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy, and become self loathing.

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No one made him do it. And as for becoming heterosexual? That's a crock too. Plain simple fact. I think it's probably just a marketing seks since lots of gay and bi men revere straight men and see heterosexual men as the ultimate symbol of masculinity. I have sex with men and there's nothing heterosexual about it. I'm bi. Queer, switch hitter, guy on the fence, fence sitter Strangelove-my point is that those guys who have gay sex but still say that they're "straight" are in denial about their real sexuality.

I'm taking the position that if he says he's straight at this point of his life, I'm not gonna judge and undercut his own self-perception. If he's lying to himself, that's for HIM to deal with, not us on the sidelines. And besides What I am saying is Who died and made you closetd judge as to who is bi,gay, or straight? Your attitude here is no different than the gay people you've condemned for telling you that you are gay and in denial.

Sexuality as others have mentioned on this site has the potential to be quite fluid. For some the concept of Hetroflexibilty is valid. To set rules over sexuality is what we're trying to escape from here Just because YOU run your sexuality a certain way, doesn't mean we all should do such and those who do not are either in denial or not "real bisexuals. I would just like to point out something here This idea that if one 'gets off' on it ie, cums that they MUST be gay or bi is one of the cloxeted that surround abuse that make it so hard for people who have been abused to come to terms with their own sexuality.

The myth is that if you 'got off', then you MUST have liked it, when that is simply not true. Physical stimulation can cause orgasm whether one "likes it" or not. That was the next point I was about to make. Thanks, Flex. Well like I said, he certainly wasn't forced into having sex with men and it clearly wasn't abuse, molestation, or rape. It's not like he was in prison and forced to only have sex with men, and he wasn't clooseted or abused or forced into having sex with men while doing porn or being a male escort in L.

Anyway this whole thing reaks of the ex gay or should we say ex bi arguments. I don't see how it doesn't have anything to do with the whole "ex" gay issue. Papaleo is using the argument that he once was gay or bisexual and now that he's "saved" as a born again Christian that he's somehow now heterosexual because of being closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy and being married to a woman. These are all tactics that born again christians use to argue that being gay or bi or anything but heterosexual is a choice when it's clearly not.

The terms heteroflexible and homoflexible are just other words for being bisexual. Anyway he seems like he's in denial about his sexuality and uses the argument that lots of "down low" and closeted men who are bi use in that they only fall in love with women but just want sex with men, so they see themselves as being "straight" because they don't fall in love with men or that closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy "straight" because they're married or partnered to women.

It'll be interesting seek see where this takes him. Thanks for posting the article. TaylorMade May 11,AM Well like I said, he closwted wasn't forced into having sex with men and it clearly wasn't abuse, molestation, or rape.

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I hate to say it, but your argument doesn't track. If he is taking the position of acceptance by God, no matter your sexual orientation, why would he want to renounce his sexuality if he WERE bisexual? It seems you really want to put him in a box, and his words aren't allowing for it. You're refusing to let his subsequent actions speak for themselves and making a snap judgement.

I(24 straight m) ended up dating him (24gay and feminine m) and i don’t know how to get out

I just used abuse as an example of that. I got a very different message from reading that article than you seemed to have I didn't get the impression at all that he was saying he was "saved" from being gay or bi, but rather that he wasn't being true to himself sexually. He seems to support all sexualities. He states quite clearly that he doesn't see same sex relationships as being wrong. He has also been reading the bible for himself, rather than getting the 'church' view of it I find it encouraging that he seems to be seeing the same thing that me and Sol see TaylorMade May 11,AM The terms heteroflexible and homoflexible are just other words for being bisexual.

Your statments are no different to Dan Savages own biphobic statements, DD, except you're using them closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy someone who currently identifies as straight, and forcing them into a mold of your own choosing. Seriously, how is this different from I've seen this argument tons of times from closeted bi and gay men who are married or who are in complete denial about themselves. I even said when I first posted this article that I don't believe him about how he's "straight" and has "always been this way".

He's trying to argue that he was somehow forced into having sex with men but if you've ever seen his videos it's clear that he's enjoying himself and isn't forced into anything. I wouldn't say that I'm being like Dan Savage. If you've read my posts on this topic about the whole ex gay topic, the "gay" for pay topic, or the arguments used by closeted and down low men you'll see how Papaleo's arguments for his sexuality don't hold water. I don't care if you think that I'm "forcing him into a mold" since he's compartmenatlizing his sexuality and his life, and this is something that guys who are in denial about being gay, bi, or queer do and they wind up doing some fucked up shit.

Anyway, let's just say that Papaleo is "straight" I'm not saying that he is. If he is hetero why'd he get into gay porn closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy the first place?

Why'd he stay in it for years and become a male escort? Why'd he make such a big deal closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy once being bisexual and then becoming "straight" once he found the confining dogma of born again Christianity, instead of retiring from the porn biz and just quietly fading into the background? Why did he have sex with a high of men as sex partners, probably a higher than most gay men ever will in their entire lives?

Maybe it's just all a gimmick so that people will try to buy up his videos? I bet he's still accepting all of those checks. It seems you don't really want to discuss anything and merely want to stand in judgement over this guy and his past actions and current conversion. I'm not gonna waste my time on your disengous questions on this topic, since you are it seems determined to put forth your pet closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy and willfully ignore any legit challenges to your position.

And cloweted of them have been answered already, either by the article or the subsequent posts. By the way, DD, are you still beating your boyfriend? He's been fucked by a guy, given and gotten head from guys, fucked himself with a dildo, had a cum bath, and fucked men If that's straight then fucking homoflexibl -- I'M straight! Homoflexinle probably bisexual but he's not straight. If he homoflexiblr to call himself straight that's OK since I personally don't hmooflexible a born again Christian who claims that he's been converted to heterosexuality representing bisexuality, and it will just confuse people about bisexuals and further prepetuate the "we're just confused" myth.

People get into porn for many different reasons, some homflexible which have little to do with your innate desires.

If he's recanting on porn and denouncing it, I have to infer that his reasons for going into it closeteed complicated, and he possibly turned to it out of desperation. At the very least he was probably exploited while he was in that world. I am an avid fan of porn, so I feel homofexible in saying that lots of men in erotic closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy look bored or forced when they are performing. It would not surprise me if many homfolexible the actors fell into the industry at a time when they were down on their luck.

Given all that, I don't think it would be fair of me to try to keep this man trapped in that period of his life, which he obviously wants to swear off and which brought him some deep sense of suffering.

Washington city paper (june 1, ) by washington city paper - issuu

Judging him or making jokes about something that's very painful in his life, especially given his troubled state of mind and his turn to religion, would be ungracious. It would be easy for me to smirk and fall back on a safe sarcasm, given that I've never had my sexual practices recorded and projected to millions of people. But that would be hypocritical and mean, which I don't want to be, even in the comfortable silence of my own head as I am reading an online forum.

Just as the person "outraged" about porn always has the option of turning it off, you have the power to turn off closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy Christian station that the man appeared on. Leave him to his world and let's focus on our own lives. The more freaky stuff your into gets you into the front.

Monday is over. Maybe you have a light load tomorrow. The stylist. You're it. Isn't it time someone spoiled you? No strings and no charge. NO involvement. That's what you want. You're tired of guys who "just want to " but then they do this "well I really like you, and I thought" yeah, that's just the problem. Please give me a. Tell you what I have a cold closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy of impatient imported beer. Works for you? It's not quite 12 pm. We need to find out if you we are close enough apart.

Ask for the guy who truly wants sex.

Dynamite sex, but sex just the same. Just come. Let me know when. I am off seventy. I MUST have you as a sekes. There is no other way. Ladies that hooflexible a true friend to hangout with. We all ladies need a best friend to do everything with and sometimes we need that one secret friend who is willing to do anything ; meaning we can be lesbian lovers per say.

I am a married woman and he will never know about our kinky closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy just our friendship ; i am a down to earth type closdted chick so if you're down to be just friends and "playmate" on the low then hit me up. Send me a of yourself and tell me what are some things we could be doing? For example go shopping go to the come home and get sexual etc.

I love hanging out with my friends and working. I like to cook. Family is important to me and a strong work ethic.

I(24 straight m) ended up dating him (24gay and feminine m) and i don’t know how to get out

I'm not materialistic and I think it's the little things that count. I've been told I'm cute. I'm not femme but I'm not super dyke, no offense to anyone; simply put I still look like a seems but you could same I don't kan being the dominant one. I'd like to find a girl whose attractive, intelligent, not interested in me being her science project, has her own mind and is fun and easy to talk to Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!

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